The problem is most schools don’t teach the business of freelancing for creatives.
  • How do you price your work?
  • How do you get more leads?
  • What goes in a contract? Do I need one?
  • What’s project management?
  • How do you get bigger clients?
Growing a freelance career or starting a creative agency is scary. But it doesn't have to be.

Our course will help you gain the confidence you need to charge more, specialize, find better clients, and win more projects. And we're far less expensive than any of your college classes ever were.

Let’s make it happen.

Everything you need to grow a profitable freelance business

Course includes 11 Modules with over 40 lessons. With your purchase you get access to our growing slack community of freelancers.

And our Proposal Templates you can use immediately – same ones we use to land $100k projects.
  • How to price projects and confidently talk about money

  • Ready-to-use proposal templates to help land bigger clients

  • Presenting work with less revisions from clients

  • Marketing, finding leads, and winning projects

  • Understanding value based pricing

  • Refining your processes so you can be more profitable

  • Managing projects and keeping clients happy

  • Suggestions on work/life balance

We’ve built a boutique, eight person creative team with hundreds of clients over the last 11 years. We’ve won awards and worked on some amazing projects. We love teaching and we’re sharing everything we’ve learned.


Gavin Braman

As co-founder at Drift, Gavin is actively involved with day to day account management, creative direction and leads the digital projects. He has won numerous awards for web design and branding, has spoken or presented at regional and national design conferences, and has over 10 years experience designing websites.


Martin Hooper

Martin Hooper is a co-founding partner at Drift. He handles new business and brand strategy. 20 years ago he fell in love with screen printed posters, became obsessed with design, and hasn’t looked back since. Martin speaks often to university students and organizations about social media, branding, and the business of design.

Who should take this course?

  • Freelancers hustling while
    working full-time

    Designers, illustrators, copywriters, etc. looking to grow your freelance business.

  • College Students & Recent Graduates

    Jump in with both feet because now is a great time to get started with freelancing.

  • Anyone new to freelancing

    Thinking about dipping your toes into the freelance frenzy? Let’s do this.

Growing a Profitable Freelance Business Course

There is no better investment, than investing in yourself.
  • $225.00

    Less expensive than a college class or a new Xbox. Built to grow your business.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Introduction

    • Introduce yourself! (Please Complete)

  • 2

    Branding & Positioning

    • Generalist vs Specialist

    • Messaging

    • Messaging - Story Brand Framework Example

    • Landing Page Messaging Example

    • Brand Workshop Questions

  • 3

    Marketing: Get the Right Clients

    • In-person Networking

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Social Media Tactics

    • Being an Expert

    • Website

    • Self Directed

    • Friends and Family

    • Referrals and Commission

    • Portfolio Tips for Graphic Design Students

  • 4

    Sales: Nurturing Leads, Proposals and Closing

    • Nurturing Leads

    • Sales Call

    • Closing

    • Proposals

    • Proposal Template

    • Red Flags

  • 5

    Pricing: Show Value. Work Less. Charge more.

    • Pricing Strategy

    • Hourly vs Value

    • Pricing Formula: One size does not fit all

    • Know Your Worth

    • Retainers

  • 6

    Payday: Get that Money!

    • Payday

  • 7

    Paperwork: Contracts, RFPs, Invoices, etc.

    • Contracts

    • RFP

    • Invoices

    • Contract Resources

  • 8

    Process Equals Profit

    • Process

    • Process Examples

  • 9

    Project Management: Keepin' it Together.

    • Starting a Project

    • Managing a Project

    • Presenting Work

    • Fix Mismanaged Projects

  • 10

    Productivity: Balance & Growth

    • Work-life Balance

    • Growth

    • Giant List of Resources

  • 11

    Final Thoughts: This is not Goodbye.

    • 11 Things We've Learned in 11 Years

    • Outro

    • Exit Interview (Freelancers tell all edition)

Now is the time.

Make your freelance growth a priority and invest in your business.